SK-Gas Corporation’s 3rd overtime match ‘Ok-E-T’ ‘Electric board error and referee’

The 3rd overtime game left a dent in the jade.

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul SK and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation’s 4th round confrontation held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 28th. The game was suddenly stopped at the end of the fourth quarter. There was a problem with the electronic display board, so the score did not go up and the game time did not pass.

After the referee immediately stopped the game, it seemed to be easily solved by fixing the recording program in the headquarters table. However, the same problem was repeated and the flow of the game was cut off. As the game continued to be stopped, there were booing from the spectators. In the field, as a temporary measure, the recording screen that the recorders saw was transmitted to the electronic signboard, but a bigger problem remained.

The close game continued throughout the game, leading to the 3rd overtime. Even in overtime, the recording program connected to the electronic signboard had problems. It was obviously a great game, but the game was interrupted countless times, the flow was cut off, and time was stretched. Since the game could not be played in a situation where the score did not go up and time did not pass, there was no reasonable solution that could be taken on the spot.

An SK official said, “As a result of the post-game inspection, there were no abnormalities. It seems there was an error. If you have time to spare, reboot your computer and proceed. It takes about 5 minutes. It was at the end of the 4th quarter, and if the time was delayed, the players’ bodies could cool off, so I just proceeded. And it was a situation where I did not know how to go to the third extension. I think I can only say that it is a device error.”

A KBL official also said, “After the game, I checked by rebooting the PC and network on the spot, and it worked normally. I also checked for disconnection, but that wasn’t the problem. Still, to prevent a recurrence, we plan to request a detailed examination through the display board manufacturer.”

Another tee in the prison was the referee’s decision in the third overtime. A situation where SK led 117-116 with 27.8 seconds remaining. Oh Jae-hyun succeeded in stealing and threw himself to the sideline to save the ball. Afterwards, Choi Jun-yong passed the pass to Kim Seon-hyeong and had a perfect one-man quick-attack opportunity.

But suddenly, the referee stopped the game. After the steal, he declared a video review to check whether Jae-hyun Oh crossed the line. As a result of the reading, it was normal play. SK won 118-116 at the end of the 3rd overtime fight, but if this decision changed the win or loss, it could have been a big controversy.

SPOTV commentator Lee Kyu-seop, who was in charge of relaying the match, said, “The video reading at the end of the match is definitely regrettable. Once the score is successful, proceed with the reading, and if the line cross is correct, I wonder what it would have been like to cancel the score. Since Kim Seon-hyung was in a situation where he could score with a no-mark layup, I think it would have been better for him to advance the game.” 메이저놀이터

The match between SK and KOGAS was the 7th 3rd overtime in KBL history. It was such a rare bloody battle. Fans were delighted with the match, but due to an error on the electronic display board and a disappointing decision by the referee, it was left in the jade.

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