“SON’s sluggishness?. System better than Tottenham?” Chris Sutton’s advice: Conte’s decline at Tottenham is completely inconsistent

At the center of Tottenham’s dilemma this season is the sluggishness of Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min, who was joint top scorer last season, is finally being excluded from the starting members.

Deterioration of physical condition due to facial injury. The position that Son Heung-min is not used to and the problem of coexistence with Ivan Perisic, whose chemistry does not fit, also play a part.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte’s team plan has come under strong criticism.

This is a tip from Chris Sutton, who has been active in the English Premier League (EPL) from 1991 to 2007 and has been active as a football expert for the BBC and BT Sports.

Sutton was interviewed by BBC Radio on the 14th (Korean time). Regarding Conte’s future, ‘I have to leave immediately. It’s really confusing what’s going on at Tottenham. It was a regression from last season, and there was no consistency at all.” 카지노사이트

He also said, ‘He may renew his contract with Tottenham, but I don’t think it will be positive for Tottenham. If Tottenham wants to improve, it is better to make changes now.”

Obviously, Tottenham’s performance is not in order. Harry Kane is still good, but his partnership with Son Heung-min has weakened the most this season. Weakened.

There is competitiveness in the league, but the future is not visible. The newly recruited Richarlison and Bisuma are also sluggish.

Coach Conte is a world-class manager, but Tottenham’s team color is getting blurry. “Last season was a strange one. We still have a lot of problems with the squad,” Conte explains.

In the system coach Conte is trying to unfold, Son Heung-min’s role is gradually shrinking.

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