Tatis Jr., who had a fun vacation, started training this week→prepared for camp

San Diego Padres’ ‘bad boy’ Fernando Tatis Jr. resumes training in earnest.

On the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), the US’The Athletic’ reported that “Tatis Jr. can resume baseball training from this weekend.” In September of last year, he underwent surgery on a torn left shoulder, and in October, he also underwent surgery on his left wrist. Tatis Jr. is suspended from competition until April 20 due to disciplinary actions related to taking a banned substance.

Tatis Jr. had the worst 2022. It was a problem before the season. He had a motorcycle accident during the off-season, which he reported to the club as a ‘minor accident’, but by the time he joined spring training, he needed wrist surgery. I missed the first half like that, and the club was angry.

And right before his return, he was caught taking a banned substance. In August of last year, he was suspended for 80 games after testing positive for clostebol (anabolic steroid), one of the banned drugs. At the time, Tatis Jr. admitted, “I took medicine without the club’s permission because I had a skin problem. It had nothing to do with my performance or my past performance. It was clearly my fault.”

In fact, the whole season was blown away. San Diego signed a super-long, super-large contract with Tatis Jr. for 14 years and $340 million ahead of the 2021 season.

토토 Tatis Jr. was captured several times on social media as he enjoyed a party recently for the end of the year. It is his own freedom to spend his personal vacation, but considering the great damage he caused to the team last year, public opinion was bigger that he should refrain from being exposed like that. San Diego fans also couldn’t hide their disappointment with Tatis Jr., saying, “It seems that only the club and fans are worried about the current situation.”

According to local reports, Tatis Jr. expected to be able to start training in January after surgery. He’s expected to join his teammates in Arizona camp, as he can participate in spring training and practice even if he is suspended.

After his return, the problem of position clearing is still ‘ing’. As San Diego acquired shortstop Xander Bogarts, the position of infielders also needs to organize traffic, and Tatis Jr. seems likely to be converted to the outfield.

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