The team that presented the ‘highest transfer fee’ to Lee Kang-in is ATM, there is a clear reason… “Real, take Barça and win!”

Atlético Madrid (ATM)’s will to recruit Lee Kang-in, who has emerged as the ‘king’ of Mallorca, is sincere.

Recently, local media reported ATM’s intention to recruit Lee Kang-in, and in particular, Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) best coach Diego Simeone explained that he strongly wanted Lee Kang-in. English Premier League (EPL) Newcastle, Aston Villa, and West Ham also want Lee Kang-in, so ATM is not stopping its efforts to gain the upper hand 안전놀이터.

Evidence of this effort was found. You can confirm the sincerity of ATM. Spain’s ‘Football España’ reported, “Among the many teams that wanted Lee Kang-in, the team that offered the most transfer fee was ATM.”

The media then explained, “Lee Kang-in’s buyout was initially estimated at 17 million euros (24.8 billion won), but coach Javier Aguirre revealed that it was 30 million euros (43.8 billion won), causing confusion.”

However, the local media are figuring out the ransom of Lee Kang-in at around 18 million euros (26.2 billion won), not 30 million euros. Speculation was also raised that director Aguirre may have made a splash to avoid releasing Lee Kang-in.

In this situation, ATM presented an amount that exceeded the buyout of Lee Kang-in, which the local media was evaluating. This is the highest amount among teams that want Lee Kang-in. It turned out that the rest of the teams offered an amount that fell short of Lee Kang-in’s buyout.

That’s 20 million euros (29.2 billion won). The media said, “ATM offered a large amount of 20 million euros for Lee Kang-in’s ransom. Other teams that wanted Lee Kang-in offered 15 million euros (21.9 billion won). 20 million euros is a decent amount for Mallorca.” Explained.

The reason why ATM wanted to recruit Lee Kang-in while offering the highest amount was also revealed. It is for ATM to ‘win’ in La Liga, which is divided between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The media said, “ATM chose Lee Kang-in as its first recruit this summer. It is to strengthen its offensive power. It is its will to win the championship by strengthening its offensive power because of Lee Kang-in.”

Lee Kang-in is already being evaluated as a top player in La Liga. And ATM rated Lee Kang-in as a player with a higher value. Lee Kang-in was seen as a winning power in La Liga.

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