‘The youngest born in 1981’ Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon’s flame leadership “Pro is not age”

“There is no age in the professional world. I don’t think I am young.”

Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon threw a challenge to the senior commanders ahead of the new season.

After wearing a Daegu uniform on loan in 2013, he transferred completely in 2014, and after retiring from Daegu as a playing coach in 2016, he coached the second team and worked as a head coach since 2021. In August of last year, after former coach Alexander Gama resigned due to poor performance, he took over the baton and saved Daegu from relegation, and started the new season as the official command tower. Coach Choi, born in 1981, is the youngest coach throughout the K-League 1-2 in the new season. He was in his early 40s, and marked the beginning of the era of live command towers in the 80s. However, coach Choi asserted that “age does not matter in the professional world.” “I don’t have an advantage because I’m young. I don’t think I’m young because I’ve prepared so far. Of course, it’s true that I have to learn and I’m a challenger, but age doesn’t matter.”

Vice-captain Lee Geun-ho of ‘Veteran Born in 1985’ said, “I am only four years older than the coach. I share the same thoughts with the senior players, and I communicate well with the younger players.” However, when it comes to training, he is someone who never compromises.” Daegu FC president Cho Kwang-rae expressed his special affection, saying, “Coach Choi, who has been living with me for a long time in Daegu, is full of ambition and above all, a coach who studies very hard.”

Director Choi said, “I read a lot of books evenly.” He laughed, saying, “When I was a coach, I read a lot of leadership books and gave a lot of presents to players. These days, I read a lot of history books. “I read books to help my players. I will do anything to help my players.” 메이저놀이터

What does coach Choi, the ‘youngest commanding tower’, think of leadership? He replied, “At the time, the word servant leadership (serving leadership) was in vogue, but I think leadership should change from time to time.” “Leadership is ultimately a matter of how to move people’s hearts. Sometimes follow-up is more important than leadership. I am trying to become a leader who has a good influence in the world.” “Also, the leader must be humbled. In the end, when the players realize it, they follow it on their own. I always work with the mindset that I have to help the players,” he emphasized low leadership.

At the end of the leadership theory, Director Choi mentioned the leadership stories of the heroes of the Japanese shogunate era. In order to make the silent cuckoo cry, Oda Nobunaga said, “There is no need for a non-crying bird. I will cut off the neck immediately and prepare a new chirping bird.” And Tokugawa Ieyasu said, “I will wait for the bird to sing.” A famous anecdote that he said. Director Choi said, “I think I’m the Hideyoshi side who makes birds cry without having the means and methods.”

The goal for the new season is to make all K-League teams cry regardless of means and methods. “I want to win against any team, not to mention the opening match against Pohang. Even if we lose, we will not lower our tail and press forward. We will create the potential to win against all teams,” he promised. “There are certain footballs that can be won. I know last year we were last in pass success rate or ball possession metrics. Even if we lose possession a bit, we will play football to get the ball up front as quickly as possible. “We will break through with two or three tactics that are deadly. In the end, football is decided by who is faster and more accurate. We will continue progressive and progressive Daegu football.”

“Daegu’s goal this year is to advance to the top split. I don’t want to go through a relegation battle like last year again. I will try to win every game with my players. Sometimes, I will try to win even one point. After doing my best for the future, I will challenge for the right to advance to the ACL.”

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