“This ranking fight, it’s really the first time” The reaction of the 1st place command tower and 4th place manager is the same

“This is the first time this has happened.”

Both the first-place team coach and the fourth-place team coach stick out their tongues. It’s because of the women’s professional basketball (WKBL) ranking fight. Asan Woori Bank confirmed the first place, but we do not yet know the playoff partner. It is all the more so because Busan BNK is a party to the fight. 바카라

Woori Bank and BNK will face off in round 6 of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 22nd. Neither team intends to lose.

Before the match, coaches Wi Seong-woo and Coach Jeong-eun Park both talked about rankings. The current playoff teams have been determined. Woori Bank confirmed the regular league championship on the 13th. 2nd place Samsung Life Insurance, 3rd place Shinhan Bank, and 4th place BNK all go to spring basketball.

The problem is ranking. 2nd to 4th are all undecided. The gap between Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank is 1 game, and the gap between Shinhan Bank and BNK is 0.5 game. The remaining games are 3 games for Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank, and 4 games for BNK.

Because there are not many rides, the ranking can fluctuate as much as you like. All three teams are open to the possibility of second place, and there is room for a drop to fourth place. It is not an exaggeration to say that every game is on thin ice.

Director Wi said, “This is the first time in this case. There have been times when they went all the way to the end for the first place, but this is the first time that the 2nd to 4th places are undecided. Previously, if you placed first, you went directly to the championship match. It’s different now. There are a lot of concerns about running the game. On the one hand, I think this is also fun.”

At this point, the outline should be revealed to some extent, but it is not easy to devise a strategy because you do not know which team you will meet. You just have to do your best and watch the results. If necessary, you may need to prepare after the regular season.

Coach Park said, “As we run the season, crises come and go. It was like this until the end. This is the first ranking fight. I’ve never done anything like this as a player. At that time, the decision was often made with more than one round left in the regular season. When it was decided, I adjusted my condition. This is the first time that the 2nd to 4th places have not been decided.”

Woori Bank, BNK, and even Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank have nothing but to do their best in the rest of the game. A strange season is in progress in many ways.

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