Totally stamped out by the federation… The reason for refusing the ‘signing event’

Gabi was criticized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for an absurd reason.

Spain lost 0-2 to Scotland in the second leg of Group A of the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro) 2024 held at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland at 3:45 am (Korean time) on the 29th. .

It was the worst match for Spain. Although it was a Scottish expedition, Spain’s superiority was expected because there was a difference in terms of power. However, the match went contrary to expectations. Spain, who gave up the lead early in the first half due to a mistake by Pedro Poro, faced a crisis by conceding an additional goal in the second half. He aimed for a comeback goal until the end of the game, but he had to taste a bitter defeat as he could not overcome Scotland’s defense.

The player who received the most attention after the match was Rodri. Spain’s captain, Rodri, sparked controversy in an interview after the game when he described Scotland’s football as “rubbish”. It was pointed out that he was careless as the captain of a national team. 카지노

In addition to Rodri, there are other players who are notable. it’s gabi It was reported that Gabi was hated by the Spanish Football Federation for his actions during his A match.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ quoted a report from Spain’s ‘Lerevo’ and said, “RFEF was not satisfied with Gabi’s behavior during the A match. There were many things, but the biggest problem was that Gabi was trying to appear at the fan signing event in Malaga. “Gabi was supposed to attend the signing, but he needed a break because of a headache. Another player could have taken his place, but the RFEF forced him to come out.”

If the reports are correct, Gabi got caught by the federation for something really absurd. Gabi himself complained of a headache, but the federation forcibly sent Gabi, a popular player in the national team, to an autograph session. He is the appearance of the federation that only cares about the event without considering the players’ health at all.

Meanwhile, Gaby was substituted for Dani Ceballos in the 34th minute of the second half against Scotland and stepped on the ground. But even Gaby could not prevent Spain from losing.

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