‘Tottenham Target’ striker left England at all… “Transfer is the only answer” declared

Leandro Trosar (29, Brighton), who was caught up in Tottenham transfer rumors, left England at all.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 14th (Korean time), “Brighton winger Trossar left England after being told that he would not be able to play against Liverpool at the weekend. He is known to have boarded the Eurostar to Belgium.”

Trosar have recently parted ways with Brighton. Brighton manager Roberto De Gerbi said: “Trosar knows my opinion. He left the training ground without a word when he found out he was out just before the Middlesbrough game. talked,” he said.

“I don’t know if he wants to move or not. It’s not my problem,” De Gerbi said. “I don’t know what Trosar’s problem is. If he wants to play, I’m ready to listen to him. You have to understand that you only want players who give 100 per cent to the team.” 온라인바카라

Trosar’s contract with Brighton expires next summer. According to Sky Sports, Brighton tried to renew the contract before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but could not reach an agreement. He is said to have made plans to leave Brighton for a bigger club.

Trosar’s agent, Josh Comhair, declared that a transfer was the only answer. According to Belgian reporter Christophe Terroir of HNL, Comhair said, “Trossar will not renew the contract. January transfer is the only solution,” and argued that they should say goodbye for the benefit of both sides.

Comhair also refuted the claims made by director De Jerby. “Trossar reported pain in his calf twice before the match against Middlesbrough. This is why he stopped training after consulting with the medical team,” he said. “I didn’t talk to him. It’s obviously not conducive to the atmosphere and it’s not performance-oriented.”

“The manager humiliated him and said he didn’t want to see him anymore. I can’t understand a manager who doesn’t communicate with a player for four weeks,” said Comhair. We have to work together to benefit both sides.”

Trossar is the top scorer this season with seven goals in the league alone. However, he now envisions a future outside of Brighton. According to local media such as ‘Talk Sports’ and ‘Daily Mail’, Tottenham is the most likely next destination.

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