“Tottenham’s MF, get rid of it immediately!”… Tottenham senior, strongly urged, why? who?

Defender Alan Hutton, who played for Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL) from 2008 to 2011, emphasized that there is a midfielder that Tottenham must remove.

It is Tangi Ndombele. Ndombele moved to Tottenham from Olympique Lyonnais in 2019. His transfer fee was 65 million pounds (108.8 billion won). Tottenham’s highest-ever transfer fee. He was expected so much. But Ndombele failed to live up to his expectations and is currently on loan at Napoli.

Hutton has urged Tottenham to part ways with Ndombele via England’s ‘Football Insider’. In fact, Tottenham is known to be negotiating with Ndombele about terminating his contract with two years left.

“Tottenham need to get rid of Ndombele. Enough damage has been done. It’s time for Spurs to cut their losses,” Hutton said. Ndombele received £200,000 a week (335 million won) from Tottenham. 먹튀검증

He continued, “Tottenham bought Ndombele really expensive. In addition to the wages, Tottenham bought Ndombele and got nothing. Let’s not fool ourselves. Do it. Just remove it,” he stressed.

If a new coach comes to Tottenham, wouldn’t there be a chance for Ndombele to revive again?

Hutton shook his head. “Even if a new manager comes along, he will make the manager angry. Is it worth bringing Ndombele to pre-season? Of course the new manager likes Ndombele and can make the most of it. Never,” he continued to criticize.

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