‘Two days and three nights like a dream’ by Junsik Yoon of Hwayango

On the 25th, the Armed Forces Athletic Corps Commercial Basketball Team visited Hwayango in Yeosu, Jeolla Province for a 5-on-5 scrimmage as the final part of the Elite Secondary Basketball Talent Donation Program (organized and hosted by the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation and Commercial).

Hwayango’s Yoon Jun-sik (193 cm, F) said, “Thank you very much for coming to our school. I was able to have a good experience and learn more by taking the scrimmage seriously. I feel that I want to grow into a good player like my brothers.”

When the team got off the bus outside the school and passed through the main gate of Hualango, a loud cheer erupted from the school’s windows. In addition, Hualango’s second grade students actively requested their teachers to watch the practice game. Not only did so many students come to the gym, but also many teachers.

“The school is always interested in the basketball team,” said Yoon Jun-sik, laughing, “I think it’s because of Heo Hoon’s great popularity and to see his alma mater, Kim Nak-hyun.”

Earlier, on the 23rd, Hwayanggo learned skills from the commercial players at the Heungkuk Indoor Gymnasium. On the 24th, they learned how to take care of their bodies from the physical fitness coach of the Commerce basketball team, Jung Sang-wook, who visited the school gym.

Yoon Jun-sik said, “My back and pelvis were uncomfortable when I usually exercise. It was good to learn posture correction and reinforcement exercises, and I learned exercises that I didn’t know about, such as the muscles used in basketball and proper weight training. It was great to be able to exercise more effectively in the future.”

Finally, he expressed his feelings on completing his dream-like talent donation.

Yoon Jun-sik said, “I’m very grateful to Commerce Basketball for coming to the school. There are not many opportunities for local teams to exercise or play with professional players. When I heard about Commerce’s talent donation, I was really looking forward to it and wanted to do well and stand out. All three days and two nights are memorable, and I will definitely become a professional athlete to repay my brothers’ favor and have a good influence on younger players like them.” 토토사이트

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