Unwavering UEFA president affirms “NO” to lifting Russian ban

UEFA (European Football Federation) President Alexander Ceferin, who succeeded in re-election, once again expressed his clear opinion on the Russia case. It is ‘impossible’. 온라인바카라

Russia is still at war with Ukraine. Immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine, UEFA imposed all the sanctions it could within the football world. Among other things, it banned Russia from participating in UEFA competitions. Because of this, clubs under the umbrella of the Russian league cannot participate in European club competitions. This means that competitiveness is inevitable.

The club’s situation also carried over to the Russian national team. The Russian national team is not allowed to participate in UEFA competitions or FIFA (International Football Federation) tournaments. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar qualifiers, Russia was expelled from FIFA. For this reason, Russia recently aimed to join the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This is also not an easy situation to become a reality.

“It’s very difficult. I feel sorry for the players, but there is no other option in this situation,” said president Alexander Ceferin.

He continued, “My personal opinion is that it is difficult to change anything until the war stops.”

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