Victory taken away by 1 point deducted… Choi Doo-ho, draw in return match after 3 years and 2 months

‘Superboy’ Choi Doo-ho (31), who returned to the UFC Octagon after 3 years and 2 months, recorded a draw. The victory that had been won by an unexpected deduction of 1 point was blown away.

On the 5th (Korean time), Choi Doo-ho fought Kyle Nelson (31, Canada) in a fierce fight in the featherweight (66kg or less) match of ‘UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak’ held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, but ended in a draw. stopped at

One of the three judges scored the victory 29-27 for Choi Doo-ho. On the other hand, the other two tied the score at 28-28. If it had not been for the 1-point deduction from the third round, it would have been a result that Choi Doo-ho could have won by unanimous decision. So, I couldn’t help but feel more regret.

For Choi Doo-ho, it was a comeback that he had been waiting for. Choi Doo-ho, the first Korean to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, had a long hiatus of 3 years and 2 months. This is because his departure abroad was restricted due to waiting for his social service agent to be summoned. After a long wait, the issue of military service was resolved, and he was able to participate in the game held in Las Vegas that day. 카지노

Dooho Choi put pressure on Nelson with punches and leg kicks from the first round. Nelson, on the other hand, stayed close and aimed for a takedown. Choi Doo-ho got up right away and counterattacked even though he was tripped by a tackle. Doo-ho Choi was far ahead of Nelson in the batting fight.

In the second round, Dooho Choi attacked Nelson with kicks and punches. Nelson provoked a fight on the ground, looking for a takedown opportunity. However, it was not a big threat to Choi Doo-ho.

In the third round, Choi Doo-ho also played well. Early on, he allowed a tackle on Nelson, but immediately switched positions to occupy the top position. But then, a big bad thing happened. In the ground situation, while Dooho Choi was in the top position, there was a scene where his head collided with each other. The referee stopped the game and gave Doo-Ho Choi a deduction of 1 point. It was a judgment that was intentional.

After deducting 1 point, Nelson, who thought he had an advantage in the decision, just grabbed Doo-ho Choi’s legs to pass the time. Not missing the opportunity, Choi Doo-ho threw punches and elbow attacks. As a result of the official count by the UFC, Choi Doo-ho was far ahead with a score of 70-39 in the total number of strikes and 50-20 in the number of critical strikes.

However, in the end, one point was deducted from Choi Doo-ho’s victory. Choi Doo-ho couldn’t hide his devastated smile when he heard the results of the decision. With the draw that day, Choi Doo-ho’s career record increased to 14 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.

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