‘What is carelessness?’ Woori Bank, unwavering despite winning the regular league, defeated Samsung Life Insurance

“I will pick out the parts that I do well in the remaining games.” 스포츠토토

Asan Woori Bank confirmed the regular league championship by winning 24 points (76-52) in the match against Busan BNKsome on the 13th. However, Woori Bank coach Sang-Woo Lee maintained his unique prudence. Even ahead of the match against Samsung Life in Yongin on the 16th, he said, “We have confirmed the championship, but we are still cautious. There are players who need to pick up the pace.”

It is always the same stance. There was no ‘careless’ in the dictionary of Woori Bank and director Wie. Even in the away game against Samsung Life Insurance, they made the most of their key players and continued their best performance. Woori Bank won a sweeping 72-59 victory with a consistent performance in the away game of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball against Samsung Life Insurance held at the Yongin Indoor Gymnasium that day. With the recent 3 wins in a row, he achieved the 22nd win (4 losses) of the season. Samsung Life Insurance was also excited about 4 consecutive victories before, but it could not surpass Woori Bank, the ‘complete’. The winning streak ended and he suffered his 11th loss (15 wins) of the season. In this way, the gap with Incheon Shinhan Bank (14-11) in third place narrowed to 0.5 games.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Woori Bank’s pace slowed down somewhat. Park Ji-hyeon’s quick attack and Na Yoon-jeong and Choi I-sam’s 3-point shot failed, giving the early lead to 0-5. Jo Soo-ah of Samsung Life Insurance scored 2 points and Kim Dan-bi scored 3 points. However, from this time, Woori Bank recovered its ‘Woori Bank-like’ performance. Park Ji-Hyun, Park Hye-Jin, and Choi Yi-Sam succeeded in successive 2-pointers and reversed the score.

Woori Bank continued to widen the lead gap with its advantage in rebounding and steals from elements. The first quarter ended at 19-10. Samsung Life’s lead was all about 3 minutes in the first half.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Woori Bank further widened the gap with Samsung Life Insurance with Noh Hyun-ji and Kim Jong-un’s 3 stores at the fore. Woori Bank showed various attack tactics with veterans such as Kim Dan-bi and Park Hye-jin at the fore. Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae emphasized defense, but Samsung Life’s defense was not revived in front of Woori Bank’s diverse attack routes. The double-digit score gap continued. In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Samsung Life Insurance caught up by 8 points at one point with Lee Hae-ran and Bae Hye-yoon’s quick attack and Lee Myeong-gwan and Shin I-seul’s 3-point shot. However, Park Hye-jin put in 3 points in a row from a distance and quickly created a double-digit score difference. Samsung Life could no longer use its strength. Woori Bank defeated Samsung Life Insurance with four players, Park Ji-hyeon, Park Hye-jin, Roh Hyun-ji (14 points), and Kim Jong-un (10 points), scoring double-digit points.

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