Women’s basketball KB Park Ji-soo, surgery due to finger injury… virtually out of season

Park Ji-soo (25), the ‘pillar’ of Cheongju KB, women’s professional basketball, decided to go on the operating table due to a finger injury, and was virtually ‘out of the season’. 슬롯사이트

According to the KB team on the 3rd, Park Ji-soo, who injured her finger in a collision with an opponent in a match against Bucheon Hanawon Q two days ago, was diagnosed with ligament damage due to a dislocated left middle finger as a result of a close examination and needed surgery.

An official from the KB club said, “Park Ji-soo is scheduled to undergo surgery next week, and I heard that at least 4 weeks will be required for rehabilitation afterward.

Park Ji-soo, who was the main player in last season’s KB combined championship, was diagnosed with panic disorder in July of last year and devoted himself to treatment.

Since his return, Park Ji-soo has played in 9 games and averaged 23 minutes and 13 seconds, averaging 13.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 2.7 assists.

After Park Ji-soo’s return, KB, which received strength and did not give up hope for the playoffs, his injury is nothing short of lightning-fast news.

KB, who finished 4 consecutive wins against Hana 1Q on the 1st when Park Ji-soo was injured, recorded 8 wins and 14 losses, and is ranked 5th. With 8 games remaining in the regular league, they are 3.5 games behind 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank (11-10), which is the final line for advancing to the playoffs.

Women’s professional basketball will play the regular league until the 3rd of next month, and then the playoffs and championship match will continue from the 11th of next month.

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