Wonder Goal dancing…’Even Yashin can’t stop this!’

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Are there goals that a goalkeeper can’t stop no matter how good he is?

Top play starts with fantastic goals from the big leagues.

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Liverpool lead 2-0 and get a free kick!

Give it a little and shoot.

Alexander Arnold’s incredible mid-range gun!

Wow…look at the trajectory. The ball is dancing.

A 3-0 win saw Liverpool one point clear of fourth-placed Manchester United.

Who will the Champions League tickets go to?


This time it’s La Liga.

The ball came out of the defense as it is~

Wow! Real Betis Sabali’s Wonder Goal!

Even if Yashin comes, I can’t stop that.


This is the Argentine League.

One team shows off a super save with the help of the defenders and even the goalkeeper.. What about the opposing team’s goalkeeper?

Ah.. I was blocking it with a clumsy posture, but my foot hit me and the ball went in.

It’s literally a comparison experience pole and pole.


The last one is the cycling competition.

This player who took something from the crowd on the roadside.

I handed one to the camera staff, but he said something… It’s skewers, kebabs!

He took a bite too~ and gave one to the player who was ahead of him~

It was a really heartwarming race.

It’s been a top play so far.

Video Editing: Kim Min-ho

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