Yonsei Ahn’s solution to Yonsei’s offensive woes?

quietly anchored the team’s defense in the win.

Yonsei University’s Ahn Sung-woo started and contributed two points, four rebounds, two assists, and three steals in the team’s 74-50 home win over Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on Friday.

Ahn’s aggressive defense, based on his length, led to many miscues by Sangmyung. Ahn did a great job as a linker for Lee Kyu-tae and Lee Min-seo, who combined for many of the game’s points. 메이저사이트

“We have a lot of injured players, and the outcome of this game could have changed the team’s mood,” said Ahn. Fortunately, we won, and the injured players gave us a boost from the bench. The starting players took that strength and played as one to finish the game well,” said Ahn.

Currently, Yonsei is struggling to organize its roster due to the absence of many players. Last season, the team was plagued by injuries (Lee Min-seo, Yang Jun-seok), and this season, the nightmare has returned. In particular, Yonsei is struggling in the offense.

“There may be changes in playing time, but there are no major changes in roles,” Ahn said. It doesn’t change who we are as a team. Right now, our best offensive players are not playing. So our offense is a bit stiff. However, our speed is our strength when we get lower in height. We are working on combining to make the most of it.”

An Sung-woo is a long-term player who can contribute to the team not only on defense but also on offense. Earlier this season, Ahn showed an accurate three-point shooting touch from the outside. Against Sungkyunkwan University on March 20, he was responsible for two crucial three-pointers in the fourth quarter. However, after the break, An Sung-woo was unable to continue his early season form.

“The truth is, sometimes shots go in and sometimes they don’t,” Ahn said. It’s not a matter of throwing or not throwing depending on the success rate. If I have a chance, I shoot it, and if there’s a better chance next to me, I pass it. I’m not really thinking about the success rate.”

For a team whose offense has taken a hit due to injuries, Ahn’s return to his early-season shooting form would be a welcome boost.

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